A brief welcome to our site!

A brief welcome to our site!

Welcome to Roving Retirees, where we take our retirement in increments, in interesting places, living among different peoples, customs and cultures. Follow along as we document our journey, and contribute your own experiences around the world!


We are Nadine and Tim, retired educators who have indulged our curiosity about our larger world in a variety of ways over the past 40 years. We have lived in four cities in three different states during our marriage, and visited 47 of the 50 US states. Further, we have vacationed approximately 30 times between Mexico and Canada, plus five Caribbean islands and six other countries.

For most of our married life we have been involved with a variety of programs of Rotary International. Specifically, we have played host to groups of visiting young adults from eight countries, and have accepted 20 high school students into our home. “Our kids” come from 20 countries around the world, and so far we have visited five of them in their own homes (and they all want us to retire where they live!)

Our goal, now that Nadine has retired, is to establish a home base somewhere outside the US, then visit more of our kids. We want to have a comfortable life style based primarily on our Social Security income. Further, we would prefer living on a tropical beach in a country with a stable government and world-class health care.

Can that happen? Is there the perfect place for us to settle? Will we find it in the first place we try? Third? Twelfth? Follow along with us as we start our adventure…..


We are starting this blog because we are certain that there are others out there with ideas similar to our own. Some of you are already retired, or getting ready to. All of you long to see more of the world, living on a fixed income (and not a very large one, at that). We want you to be able to profit from our example, benefit from our missteps and dead ends. But also from our joys and successes!


We are looking to document our search for the “perfect” retirement spot, and once identified, our experiences moving there and living there. If we decide to find a “better than perfect” beach (hey, it could happen!) we’ll write about that, as well.

Further, we know that there are still many areas of the world that we want to explore, so traveloges to those places will also warrant blogging.

Finally, we expect to hear from YOU, the universe of roving retirees, about your expectations, aspiration and experiences as you seek your “perfect” spot!

Thanks for dropping by, and enjoy our journey with us!

Tim and Nadine O’Brien


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Tim O’Brien


2 Replies to “A brief welcome to our site!”

  1. Hi, Tim and Nadine!

    I enjoyed reading about your adventures and think you must have an amazing marriage. I look forward to reading more about you and your travels.


  2. Hi Tim & Nadine,
    Food looks wonderful! Yes, please include us among your followers. Happy travels & happy new home.
    Jack & Helga

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